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Title Winners of the Best Paper Award
Writer ICMR 2019 Date 2019-12-10 Hit 2315
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Thermomechanical Performance of Bio-inspired Corrugated-core Sandwich
Structure for Thermal Protection System Panel

Nam Seo Goo, Vinh Tung Le* (Konkuk
Univ)., Jae Young Kim (Agency for Defense Development), Hae-Yong Jeong (Doowon
Heavy Industrial Company)



Multifunctional Polymer Lens for Optical Enhancement of GaN

Sanghun Shin, Hongyun So (Hanyang Univ.)



Temperature History Estimation Method for Individual Junction Box Based on Meteorological Data

Dong-Cheon Baek*, Na-Hyun Kim, Tae-Hyun Lee, Kyungha
Ryu, Jong-Won Park (Korea Inst. of Machinery and Materials



A Novel Fault Detection Method of Industrial Robots Using Motor Current Signals via Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

Yeongtak Oh*, Yunhan Kim, Kyumin
Na, Byeng D. Youn (Seoul Nat’l Univ.)



Flaw Discrimination of Heat Exchange Tubes Using Cylinder-type Magnetic Camera

Sunbo Sim* (Chosun Univ.), Hoyong Lee (Gwangju Univ.), Jinyi Lee (Chosun Univ.)



 Topology Optimization of a Bicycle Crank Arm with Multiple Load Cases

Bonyong Koo, Ahmad Yusuf Ismail* (Kunsan Nat’l Univ.)


Invited talk 3

Investigation on the damage behavior of 3D woven carbon-fiber reinforced composites

Licheng Guo, Zhixing Li, Tao Zheng, Ruijian Sun

Gold Award


NDE Characterization of Measurement Techniques in Composite Materials
Using Terahertz Waves

Kwang-Hee Im* (Woosuk Univ.), Sun-Kyu Kim (Chonbuk Natl. Univ.), Young-Tae Cho (Jeonju Univ.), Yong-Deuck Woo (Woosuk Univ.), Jong-An Jung
(Songwon Univ.)



Effect of Donor/Acceptor Blend Ratio and Molecular Weight of Polymer
Acceptor on Fracture Behavior of All-polymer Solar Cells

Boo Soo Ma*, Jin-Woo Lee,
Bumjoon Kim, Taek-Soo Kim (Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology)



Measurement of J-integral Values of Adhesive Joints Between CFRP and
Aluminum Alloy by Digital Image Correlation Method Under Mixed-mode Loadings

Shota Shimamoto*, Masaki Omiya (Keio Univ.)

Gold Award


Optimal Sensor Network Design in the Real-scale Pipeline System Subjected to Physical and Measurement Uncertainties

Chungeon Kim*, Hyunseok Oh (Gwangju Inst. of Science and Technology), Byung Chul Jeon (18th Fighter Wing, Republic of Korea Air Force)



Dynamic Reliability Analysis of Turbine Blisk Radial Deformation via Moving Extremum Surrogate Modeling Strategy

Cheng-Wei Fei* (Fudan Univ.), Cheng Lu (Northwestern Polytechnical Univ.), Yun-Wen Feng (Northwestern Polytechnical Univ.)



Investigation of the Strain Field at Microscale Using Digital Image Correlation for Unidirectional CFRP Under Transverse Loading

Sunwon Kim* (Korea Aerospace
Research Inst.), Byung-Chae Lee (Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology)

Gold Award


Magnetic Force on Particles in Magnetorheological Fluids Under Cylindrical Magnet

Jinhuan Xu*, Chaoyue Zhao, Jianyong Li (Beijing Jiaotong Univ.)



Conductive Hydrogels with Superior Mechanical Properties

Van Tron Tran*, Md. Tariful Islam Mredha, Suraj Kumar Pathak, Hyungsuk Yoon, Insu Jeon (Chonnam Nat’l Univ.)



Reliability Assessment of New Factor Proposed for Characterizing Hydrogen
Embrittlement Sensitivity of Structural Steels Using in-situ SP Test

Hyung-Seop Shin*, Kyung-Oh Bae (Andong Nat’l Univ.), Un-Bong Baek, Seung-Hoon Nahm (Korea Research Inst. of Standards and Science), Nick Anthony Custodio (Andong Nat’l Univ.)



Bayesian Network for Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis

Seokgoo Kim*, Nam-Ho Kim (Univ. of Florida), Joo-Ho Choi (Korea Aerospace Univ.)



Reliability Analysis and Design of Internal Clearance of Rolling Bearings

Aodi Yu*, Hongzhong Huang (Univ. of Electronic Science and Technology of China)



Health Index Extraction Based on Generative Adversarial Networks

Hyung Jun Park*, Seokgoo Kim, Joo-Ho Choi (Korea Aerospace Univ.)



A Feature Fusion-based Prognostics Approach for Rolling Element Bearings

Ugochukwu Ejike Akpudo*, Jang-Wook Hur (Kumoh Nat’l Inst. of Technology)



Fracture Mechanism of Bioceramic Bead Filled Biopolymer Composite

John James Duckworth*, Mitsugu Todo (Kyushu Univ.)

Gold Award

Invited talk 7

Fatigue of Micro-sized copper single crystal specimen under fully-reversed axial loading

T. Sumigawa, S. Uegaki, T. Kitamura  (Kyoto University)

Gold Award


Phase Transformation and Hydrogen Content in Metastable Austenite

Arnaud Macadre* (Yamaguchi Univ.), Toshihiro Tsuchiyama, Setsuo Takaki (Kyushu Univ.)



Effect of Peak Current and Pulse Peak Voltage on Machined Surface
Morphology During WEDM of TiNiCu Shape Memory Alloys

Abhinaba Roy*, Sanna
Yellappa Narendranath (Nat’l Inst. of Technology Karnataka), Alokesh Pramanik (Curtin



Detection of Spot Welding Electrode Tips Using CLAHE, Bilateral Filter
and Hough Transform

Wonho Jung*, Hyunseok Oh (Gwangju Inst. of Science and Technology), Dongho Yun, Younggon Kim (Korea Inst. of Industrial Technology)


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